Is She the Right One?

by triunebill

I met a young man the other day. Well, truth be told, I’ve met him a couple of times already. He stopped by as I was writing up the post on Lolo Jones last week. His question to me was how do I know she is the right one? Now that is a question that demanded a little time to think about.

Going back a little, he had stopped by a month or so ago, asking for a pastor to pray with him. As our pastor was out for the moment, our youth came and got me. So we sat and talked, and I did in fact pray for him and for the concerns he was dealing with at the time. But as we were talking a cute young woman crossed the street in front of us and I didn’t see him again for a few weeks. Well, apparently, this cute young woman was now the object of his question – is she the right one.

As it turns out, he met her for the first time that day. He had been praying for some time for our awesome God to send to him the right one so he could settle down and “man up” if you will. And as it turned out she came on the street behind the church as we were sitting, and he was having a pastor pray for him.

So we sat and talked awhile and I tried to let him know that while God works through His people and through the circumstances of our lives, all the coincidences that led him to meet this cute young woman weren’t enough to stamp her as the right one. So we talked about what he was looking for – besides a very pretty young lady. He said, a good woman, but defining that was a little difficult. We talked a little about how knowing God’s will can be a little tricky when we are wanting something so much that sometimes the voice we hear is really our own and we mistake it for God’s inbreaking.

So as I mentioned I was working on Lolo Jones, and that story about Hannah and the birth of Samuel came to mind. I asked him whether he wanted a woman that would have his back when times got tough – what Hannah had. Maybe being the right one was something that needed some time to answer. I asked him if he wanted this right one to be really close and a real friend? He said of course, the right one will be his soulmate.

I asked him if he was looking for a commitment? He said of course. So I asked him if he was willing to work really hard on showing – not just talking – that he was in fact commited to this young woman? I mentioned a story about a man named Jacob and his efforts at getting to marry his right one – Rachel. I asked him to read that story, in Genesis 29 and 30. In that story, Jacob had to labor 14 years for Rachel’s Dad, Laban, to gain his consent to marry his daughter. I think that really says something about commitment.

I asked him to come back to me in a few months (of course, come back anytime) and we could talk more specifically about this Miss Cutie, and get a better idea about whether she is the one. I talked to him a little about Lolo Jones and trying to see things clearly.

Maybe she is the right one.

Be blessed and be a blessing.