Angry at Jesus!

by triunebill

God is real! I was having a conversation with a wonderful young lady in the family and she told me that with tears in her eyes. A few weeks back we asked the youth to write an essay for us – weekly we have homework/tutor/family dinner time after school (we are breaking for the summer) and her essay, on the topic of who do I need to begin to think about forgiving and why, identified some family and some friends, then the last paragraph made me stop.

She was angry at Jesus. Her friend has a possibly serious health issue, and she and her friend had been praying for healing. After 3 weeks of daily, and sometimes many times during the days, no healing was apparent. Ever since we have been talking about prayers and how God answers prayers and such things. That is sometimes the hard part of all this. We can say the right things and talk about what all this means, but until they begin to see a little bit or start experiencing some things, it really is all just up in their heads and frankly they get enough teaching about things during school hours.

So apparently during the week past she had sat down and was feeling pretty down about things and she made a simple prayer. God if you are real, and you care about me, I want someone to give me a hug. On that day, unbeknownst to me, we went downstairs and my partner asked if she could borrow my friend for a while to help out in the kitchen. I said of course and she grabbed my friend’s arm, pulled her in close and gave her a great big hug.

So we continued our conversation about prayers and we agreed that God doesn’t always answer our prayers in our time and in the way we want. But also maybe that is a good thing as well. Maybe sometimes God has a plan and a purpose about how He wants things to be and more importantly how we are to see the world around us. Maybe it’s about God letting us know He is real, He is there and always will be there and maybe that is why God answered my friend’s prayer – He let her know He is with her. She had given up the idea that God has to heal others immediately or give us what we want right when we ask.

Not that we give up – I told her about a pastor I met in the DR many years ago who walked what would be a 2 and a half hour car ride to come to see our mission team. He had been praying seven years – that’s right 7 years – for someone to come alongside of him and his ministry in one of the poorest areas of the DR, and 7 years later we showed up.

So I told my young friend, maybe God was telling her He could not give her what she wanted right at that moment, but that He was right there with her in her pain and that He wasn’t leaving her alone.

Be blessed and be a blessing.