Sometimes I Weep

by triunebill

The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and left untried – G. K. Chesterton.

Sometimes I weep when I think of all the damage we do to each other, that is our fellow Christians, and of all the damage we do to our image (and really we are reflections of His image as we are truly His image bearers aren’t we).

Why oh why do we think we can do it better? I heard the story of a young lady about to be baptized and she willingly declares her love for Jesus, and people throw roadblocks in her path. Now these aren’t people who want to stop her declaration, just that she needs to do this or that, sign this or that, and such things. But aren’t these are people who should be up there rejoicing with those in Heaven over this event. Yet these people, who claim the name Christian, maybe with all sincerity in their hearts, impose these rules and such on her in order for her to make that declaration.

I have never heard of this rule that we must be clean before we can declare our love for Jesus, or that we have to leave the worldly habits we may have accumulated over the years behind, or leave the people who were good to us behind. I thought coming to Jesus was a beginning of this great journey, an adventure, of being shaped and formed to better reflect that image bearer status we were given in the beginning. That coming to Jesus was like Paul when those scales fell from his eyes, so that he could see the true Story. That this Story isn’t about shedding things but seeing with eyes of grace and love – like Jesus saw us.

Sometimes I weep.

Be blessed and be a blessing.