Godly Men – 1

by triunebill

What’s the one thing most men hate to admit? I posed that question to the people gathered at our monthly worship service. One of the young ladies shouted it out – men can’t admit they’re wrong! Ah, think of the last time we were in the car together, and that direction thing came up. We won’t admit we were wrong; rather, we will come up with a dozen reasons on why we were right to think the way we did!

We had just heard the band play the Audio Adrenaline song, Man of God, and we were reflecting on the lines “sometimes I’m a liar, sometimes I’m a fake, and sometimes I’m a hypocrite that everyone hates,” and we noted that if we can’t admit we’re wrong, make that being a hypocrite most if not all of the time.

We talked about why that is. Maybe it is because we little boys are raised to consider ourselves successful, if and when, we get that really great job, or we marry the pretty lady we saw at the coffee shop, our kids come along, and such other indicators of living the good life – whatever they may be.

Now, at the age of what some call us, senior advisors, successful may be more about having a marriage that has survived the years, having children who haven’t been in a car accident, gotten messed up with drugs or alcohol, or haven’t gotten pregnant or gotten someone pregnant, or finally having our kids finish high school and finish college without destroying the savings account.

Makes you wonder, is it our time and culture? We rush around so much, our technology makes it so easy to try to do so much more, but it seems there isn’t enough time in a day, a week or the year to do all that we believe we must be doing. A recent study suggested men’s attitudes are changing from that driving need to succeed to family time. Then again, women’s attitudes are shifting away from family to that of driving toward success. Makes you think.

Then again, maybe there is something inside of us that pushes us to be “successful” people.

Do you know the story of the 72? Jesus had sent out the disciples 2 in a group and gave them authority to cast out demons, heal the sick and such things. Luke 10. When they returned, they were filled with joy and remarked how even the demons knew the name of Jesus. Part of me is thinking, they were jumping up and down with excitement over all that power they had – maybe bragging about kicking all that demon rearend all over the place.

Jesus’ response is pretty telling. He tells them not to rejoice over such power that came from Him in the first place, rather, “do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.” Luke 10:20 NIV

to be continued…..