Depression & Meds

by triunebill

Have you ever had one of those days?  I mean a day when you simply don’t even want to get out of bed.  One of those days when – some of you may remember this ad on TV for a drug called Seroquel.  Some person was shown walking around with this gray sort of rain cloud hovering over them no matter where they went.  Yeah, one of those type of days.

Brief rant  and skip this paragraph if you want to but…  why do we think that meds are the answer?  I understand meds help, but that is it – a help not a solution.  Yet drugs like Seroquel are so heavily prescribed today – well enough said.

So having one of those days isn’t just like thinking about how tough the day will be and such things.  Rather having a tough day of the sort that it seems like you are caught up in this great eddy and the water is black instead of clear, and there isn’t any light showing through – even though like in that Seroquel commercial the sun is shining.  We just can’t see it.

My back aches, threw it out over a week ago, my allergies are such that my nose is red and even with the lotion to sooth it – cause it is so sore – when I use the Kleenix, the lotion is gone.  Man, why bother some times.  A sweet young lady I know has some real issues going on with her health, and it is sad because she is a young one.  So hearing about her makes me close my mouth in a hurry.

We read about this young woman who has some troubles of her own.  Matthew’s first chapter tells the story of the conception of our Lord Jesus.  Mary, likely a young woman – if not a young teen – found herself pregnant during her betrothal to Joseph.  We can rightly suspect this was not a good place to be at the time and in that place.  Today, of course, not a big deal at all, however, in that time, such was the practice that a “divorce’ was mandated (Joseph, chagrined but noble, determined to take care of things quietly so Mary would not be disgraced, Matthew 1:18-19, The Message) and a lifetime of shame, and likely begging and/or prostitution would follow.

If you listen hard enough, you likely can hear the churning of that whirlpool drawing her down into the blackness. Mary was shaken up by the news badly. The words reportedly uttered – “how, I’ve never known a man.” Luke 1:34 ESV – mask the shock and despair she must have felt being confronted with the loss of her future.

In each of those Gospels we are given the name for this child. Joseph is told the Old Testament prophecy about a child to be named Immanuel – God with us. Mary is told what that means when she is told her baby will be named Jesus – for He will save his people.

Maybe those meds are important, but just stopping for a moment to grasp the truths that were given to Mary in one of her darkest moments may keep that whirlpool from being completely black.

What do you think?

Be blessed and be a blessing.