Foolish Fridays 4

by triunebill

In the Manning text, The Importance of Being Foolish, he begins a number of reflections seeking to discern how to think like Jesus. I will be traveling down this road with this text as my guide, and see what can be discovered. I hope you will enjoy the journey.

In this chapter, The Way We Live, Manning observes,

The joyful Christian is one who has retained a sense of awe and wonder before God, one who has existentially experienced membership in a redeemed community. She has a lively faith-appreciation of this great gift…. Of course, on a given day she may come to worship more depressed than anything else. In this vale of tears no Christian life is an unbroken, upward spiral to the mountaintop.

Yet Manning concludes this section with a most sobering observation,

When the light of this awesome truth bursts upon our consciousness, most of us are deeply moved for a few moments or hours; then we return to the normal occupation of our pedestrian existence without getting unraveled.

In the earlier sections I can see that Manning is steering me to a certain place – to see differently. My confusion as to freedom and desire seems to be a great barrier, my intense desire for materiality, for what is real before me, what I can experience immediately and feel that desire fulfilled, that unlike the little children, my heart has become hardened against that experience of awe and wonder.

But as with the first Monday, am I not free? I have to ask is my freedom to choose, because of my radical individuality exercising my right to choose my level of piety – unlike the little children – the real barrier to living in that sense of awe and wonder? If I can’t sense Jesus with me, who fills that vacuum?

What do you think?

Be blessed and be a blessing.