by triunebill

A while back I was caught up by a observation by Brennan Manning, “If we want people to experience the Kingdom of God and to dwell with God for eternity, then how they experience their relationship with us should be a foretaste of that goodness and joy.”

That relationship, in Manning’s view, should be a foretaste of the grace and joy that is our inheritance as believers. Stanley Hauerwas, in Performing the Faith, suggests “Our God is a performing God who has invited us to join in the performance that is God’s life.”

Hauerwas goes on to suggest, affirming Manning, “… the persuasiveness of the Christian faith springs not from independently formulated criteria but from compelling renditions, faithful performances.” I don’t take Hauerwas as suggesting right belief isn’t important, but something like James, not living with good works displays a dead, if not actually absent, faith, and Paul’s great message about being clanging gongs when we lack love, inserting Manning here, failing to live gracefully with our neighbors, leaves our faith as surely less than compelling.

Sometimes I am taken back by the idea that it isn’t the big things we do, but how we are living in the very ordinary mundane of the everyday that is what matters.

What do you think?

Be blessed and be a blessing.