Wounded Healer

by triunebill

Been conversing with a dear brother who is on mission in China. Having some tough times as things aren’t quite what was anticipated. He makes a reference in his email (sometime those are tough as apparent monitoring going on – wow makes you rethink what we have here) to being a wounded healer. Resonates deeply.

Working with people here on mission really does require you to be wounded – and not necessarily all healed up. But somehow and in some way God puts us in places where our woundedness becomes really our training to be a healer to those who are just entering the time of hurting and pain – sometimes without even realizing where they are headed, hmmm maybe why God set your path in that direction?

This is hard because even though we are dealing with pain and disappointments we are being called to be dispensers of grace and mercy to others even when we don’t feel like it or sometimes even really care. My friend makes a point of being in a place where we wish the sowing and reaping were a lot closer together, and that sometimes the harvest starts yelling thank you.

I know, a lot of wishful thinking for being on the mission field. I was working through the Gospel of Mark and read about the horrors that can be anticipated down the line – earthquakes and such things. Sort of like going through hell. After going through all that stuff, Mark tells us don’t be worried but say what is given to you.

I take that to mean the Holy Spirit is and will be there with us when we are walking through hell, and when we are being that wounded healer. That means we need to be people who listen and not so much people who think we have the answers because we’ve been there. And that is hard.

What do you think?

Be blessed and be a blessing.