by triunebill

Read this fascinating little survey about what prevents people from participating in global mission. What struck me about all of this – it isn’t simply the young looking at entering global missions. It is each and everyone of us.

Per the survey, a number of reasons why there was hesitation was about being alone, entering the unknown, being uncomfortable, failing, not being good enough, what their parents would say, and such things. But as noted by the survey team – it all boiled down to fear.

At our monthly contemporary service some rocking out to Matthew West’s Strong Enough – great song. Here’s a line:

Well forgive me. Forgive me if I’m wrong. But this looks like more than I can do. On my own.

Now isn’t that the truth and fits right into that survey. In reading through the Manning book, The Importance of Being Foolish, he talks a lot about our great need for security – we simply hate being too vulnerable and that’s an age old issue.

Scripture talks about this as well. Mark 10 sets out the rich young ruler who sought to follow Jesus, yet when told to sell his possessions and give them to the poor, he stepped back in despair. He couldn’t deal with his fear of not having his stuff (17-22). He couldn’t be all in.

Then we see the disciples – James and John. Sort of is a mind bender. Here are these guys who actually walked with the Christ, yet they didn’t get it. These 2 asked Jesus for special places of honor with Him in His glory. Talk about a lack of humbleness and a display of fear – losing that recognition after all their hard work of walking with the Christ (35-45). Their being all in was conditional.

Then skipping ahead to Mark 12 where we encounter the poor widow. What a contrast, all the wealthy were tossing in a little, yet she gave her last 2 cents (41-44). A sort of overcoming her fears – what to eat tomorrow without anything in your pocket. Talk about being all in!

Now I’m not suggesting we cash in everything we have and toss it into the tithe basket, rather, maybe we loosen our grips on our stuff (that rich young ruler), maybe loosen our grips on those conditional benefits we want (James and John), and maybe allow a mindset to be formed like the widow and we find ourselves all in.

Like I said a post or so ago, citing Martin Luther, its not about us, rather, He takes us on and gives us Him. Let Him deal with the fear.

What do you think?

Be blessed and be a blessing.