Foolish Fridays 13

by triunebill

Brennan Manning in his The Importance of Being Foolish now turns his text toward mission. He suggests that God the Father gave God the Son a mission. We hear that mission being announced by John the Baptist, the Kingdom of God is near.

And as Jesus emerges from the relative quiet of Nazareth Manning directs us to understand, “Jesus lives in order to shed light on the reign of God and life in God’s Kingdom.” I’m struck by the verb used in that sentence, first, Jesus lives, not lived, but He lives today. Second Manning identifies life in the Kingdom, life now with Jesus, not a life down the road at the Eschaton.

We had seen in the summaries that Jesus has a certain way of living, devoted to the Father, having a heart of forgiveness, and seeking and forming relationships, but none of those whether alone or as a group is sufficient.

We must not lose sight of this logical link: the primacy of the mission and His consuming zeal for proclaiming the kingdom of God derive not from theological reflection, the desire to edify others, trendy spirituality, or a loose sense of goodwill toward the world. Its wellspring is God’s holiness and Jesus’ self-awareness of his relation to God.

In other words, we can live lives that move to the rhythm of devotion, forgiveness and relationship, but without being in right relationship to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, it is all meaningless. Unless we abide in Him, unless we find our source of being in Him, of being on that mission in its many forms, John 15 presents this explicitly, we can do nothing.

What do you think?

Be blessed and be a blessing.