I Hear Voices

by triunebill

Do you remember that movie a few years back with Bruce Willis? The Sixth Sense? The movie where young Haley Joel Osmont utters that great line, “I see dead people.”

Well, confession time here, I hear voices. Ok, before I get tons of comments recommending an immediate appointment with the head doctors, stay with me for a little bit more.

To be honest, you can admit it, each and every one of us hears voices. The real question isn’t whether we hear voices, rather it’s whose voice are we listening to.

A few weeks back our lectionary pointed us to John’s Gospel, and the trial of Jesus before Pilate (18:28-39). Read it a few times, and then add the following chapter through the 16th verse. As we work through the story of the trial and sentencing of Jesus we come to realize Pilate was baffled. Here he was confronting a man who refused to defend himself. Here is a man being challenged and facing death by crucifixion, yet Pilate hears no denials or defiance, only a puzzling answer to the charge of being a king, “You say I am a king.”

Pilate decides at that moment he wants really nothing to do with this strange man. He continuously tells people I find no basis for a charge against this man.

Yet, Pilate himself is confronted with thunderous voices – crucify him – give us Barbaras. So Pilate now has a choice – listen to the voices outside, and to do otherwise involves a great risk to Pilate’s standing in the Roman hierarchy, reputation, relations with the local Jewish leaders.

So back to that question – whose voice are you listening to?

Be blessed and be a blessing.