Foolish Fridays 16

by triunebill

Brennan Manning in his The Importanceof Being Foolish now points to our sense of boundaries and suggests we need to re-think that sense of boundary.

Christ’s call for unity demands that we move beyond an isolationist sense of personal boundaries and the limits usually associated with self-motivated behavior. No longer can I look at others as people with whom I have no connection. Instead, unity in God calls me to experience all people and things as extensions of God’s family, of which I am a part.

I do not sense Manning is asking us to open ourselves to all things in the sense of allowing someone to dominate our lives or that we have to be accepting of all things and points of view. Rather, that to be open, without boundaries, is to be receptive to the souls that come into our lives, whether intentionally or casually.

In this way, by being open and receptive to others, we allow them to see that we are looking at them as really there. There is no longer any hint that we, like so much of the world, are looking the other way. Then, we will be in a place where the grace that has been given to us is able to be passed on – a divine encounter.

What do you think?

Be blessed and be a blessing.