2012 in Review

by triunebill

Out of town for a while. Number 2….

Even Us Old Guys Need a Kick in the Pants Every So Often

As a circle was finishing up the other day, one of the new people joining the group came up to me and said, “Nothing personal but I can’t wait for Pastor to come back and lead the group.” Wow, ouch. Then when I got back home late that evening, I checked the mail and had received a magazine with a lead article, “Who is Your Neighbor?” Ouch again.

There were some less than charitable thoughts coming and going on the drive back, as well as the standard worries about what I was doing leading the group. But as I read the article, I was hit in the head with the concept that we are to love those who don’t offer us the respect and understanding you think you deserve. Wow major ouch! Then the flood gates opened and I realize touting the sacred virtue of humility means humbleness is something that isn’t just a conversation piece or a blog post (coming up soon) but something that is necessary for
actually living out this Christian life.

Even people who don’t read the Bible know of the story of the Good Samaritan. Check it out; the term is in most dictionaries. But what those who don’t read may miss is that Jews and Samaritans had no regard for the other. Jews felt Samaritans were evil and theologically deficient, and Samaritans felt misunderstood and persecuted by the Jews.

Ahh, misunderstood! There it was. Yet the Samaritan in this story chose love, but not just offering a helping hand, but active, sacrificial and long-term love. Ouch again! There was that needed kick in the pants (okay, not advocating a literal kick people) that is the work of the Holy Spirit again to remind me that I need to move out of the way from time to time.

Lord it’s getting painful here.

Truth be told, we continued in our conversation, and the comment made a little more sense to me after we talked a bit. Maybe I’ll offer up my forgiveness, then again, that is a little arrogant. Maybe I’ll just give him a hug and tell him thanks for listening to the Spirit and kicking out. Maybe I’ll just be listening to the Spirit on how to love him.

Be blessed and be a blessing.