by triunebill

In doing some thinking about speaking the truth in love and forgiveness and intentional incarnational living, I came across this observation by John Perkins in his new text, Follow Me to Freedom, written with Shane Claiborne. John Perkins notes,

When God blesses, the blessing is not stagnant: it moves and multiplies. The idea is to plant a seed, then water it and grow it – and then give it to the next generation. The blessing is not for one person (it is not for you and me alone). Rather, it was given to Abraham and is now given to us so that we might be a blessing to others.

That point hits home. When you begin to look at the Scriptures in this sense, sort of a Pay it Forward type action seems to be going on. From Abraham, through Isaac and Jacob, with the 12 tribes, then a jump to Moses who hands it off to Joshua, and we move through the Judges and Kings. We often read the genealogies in the Gospels as supporting the line from Jesus back, but we can also read much of them as a line showing the continuation of the blessing and promise of Abraham.

Of course, the Gospels and rest of the New Testament show this feature. From Jesus to the disciples, and when we seem to think the story drops off enter Paul, who passes it on to Timothy and so many others (read the last chapter of Romans for instance), and then as Shane and John note, to us, to carry it forward.

I guess grace, being a blessing to someone else, is indeed the gift that demands re-gifting.

What do you think?

Be blessed and be a blessing.