Martin Luther once suggested monks and wandering friars were the lice on the fur coat of God Almighty. After these 500 years or so, maybe its time to re-think our ideas of monks and wandering friars. Hoping you will join in the fun exploring these, at times, rambling but hopefully relevant reflections on the Christian life. Check out the blog, push back when needed.

Why Evangelical? Why Monk? Evangelicals are people who believe in salvation by grace, through faith, by and through the person of Jesus the Christ, as revealed in the Scriptures, to the glory of God. I do not see where that requires me to vote Republican, Democrat, Green, Tea, Independent or socialist. How that plays out can be quite a ride on the roller coaster.

So back to these ramblings, seems to me to be a fair amount of room for a dialogue. So to me, being evangelical has nothing to do with any particular political thought or position, and its time the label was taken back from those who have hijacked it and made it a pejorative.

Monks are a peculiar people living in a religious community – isn’t that what the church should be about? – living according to a particular rule and under vows of obedience – isn’t that living under a belief in the rule of faith in following Jesus as Lord and Savior? – so that’s why Evangelical Monk.

Come in and join the conversation.