Foolish Fridays 7

by triunebill

In the Brennan Manning text, The Importance of Being Foolish, he begins a number of reflections seeking to discern how to think like Jesus. I will be traveling down this road with this text as my guide, and see what can be discovered. I hope you will enjoy the journey.

Manning asks us a question, but beware as it requires honesty and can be pretty indicting as a result. I don’t see this as a judgment per se rather a means of coming to a place of being a little more aware. “There are certain burning questions that every Christian must answer in total candor.”

Manning goes on to ask what I call the major questions, do you hunger for Christ for instance? He goes on to ask some more questions that require us to dig down deeply. For me, it’s the stuff of the everyday, the mundane, the ordinary, that really defines me as to who I am and who I worship.

Manning sets up 2 opposing sets of questions to consider. Okay, here we go….

“To ascertain where you really are with the Lord, recall what saddened you the past month. Was it the realization that you do not love Jesus enough? That you did not seek his face in prayer often enough? That you did not care for his people enough? Or did you get depressed over a lack of respect, criticism from an authority figure, your finances, a lack of friends, fears about the future, or your bulging waistline?”

“Conversely, what gladdened you the past month? Reflection on your election to the Christian community? The joy of saying slowly, ‘Abba, Father’? The afternoon you stole away for two hours with only the Gospel as your companion? A small victory over selfishness? Or were the sources of your joy a new car, a Brooks Brother suit, a great date, great sex, a raise, or a loss of four inches from your hips?”

Tough questions. Well I don’t think I will be sharing my answers for a while. Not sure I’m passing.

How did you do?

Be blessed and be a blessing.